Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Today is Chads birthday!  He is 38.  We have been married 10 1/2 years.  There is so much I could say and want to say about Chad.  He has so many unique qualities.  He is smart and persistent.  He is strong and funny.  He has a great smile and even better legs.  I love his testimony and that he takes me to the temple.  I love that we laugh in bed together at night. I love that he challenges our children and loves them completely.  I love that he dares to try almost anything.  I love that he can talk to anyone.  He is a good friend and dependable.  I love that he holds the priesthood.  I love that he can do so many things for our kids that I can't.  I love the fact that he loves sweets and candy.  I love how adventurous he is.  So here are a few pictures to show some of the great things Chad loves.
Golden Crack Moab, Utah

Second time he climbed "The Grand."

Baby Alex!

Chad hanging with the Terracotta Warriors in China!

MBA Graduation!!

One of his many LOTOJA rides!!

Swinging off the rope at Bloomington Lake in Idaho!!

Second Iron Man in Arizona


Family hike in Moab

Bamboo forest ~Maui~

Chad-Johnny and Aunt Barbara..Notice the grow boxes Chad built

But, the thing I love the most about Chad is that he lives and he loves.  Happy Birthday Chad!!!

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  1. There's no one like Chad. He's one of a kind! Happy Birthday! Love the pics....