Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January randomness

 Is randomness a word?  Here are a few of our family highlights this month! 
Sami learned how to make brownies.  She loves to make them and they really are delicious!

God bless Alex!  I don't even know what to say about this picture, other than, welcome to my world!!

Playing "operation" together.  She is such a great sister to her little brother.

Defense!  We have been to several Jr. Jazz games.  Alex is a great basketball player!  He seems to love the game and is starting to really understand how you play!

I have been trying to teach Zach how to jump off the couch and land on his feet, not his knees.  This was a cool shot I got of him.  Yes, we are still working on this little exercise!

No, Alex is not stoned... He lost a tooth.  He is not on pain meds... Just really photogenic! :]

Notice the matching Sponge Bob Jammie shirts, they wore them for 3 days in a row, awesome!  Alex is helping Zach build a spaceship out of boxes.  I LOVE to see them create things and spend quiet time together.  They are becoming best friends.

Zach sitting in the "spaceship."

Alex sitting in the "spaceship."

Here is a great picture of Chad screwing around with the kids.  He was making fun of me because I wanted a picture of him and the kids on his birthday!

Wow, they are thrilled to have their picture taken.  Happy "Freakin" Birthday Chad!!  :]

Sami tried out for Student Council Rep for 3rd grade and she won.  This was her speech.  This was the second time she tried for this Rep position.  She was so happy.  I thought her speech was so sweet.  She wrote it all by herself!

a face only a mother could love... can you say naughty

She is so big and mature and nice.  I love her guts!!
This has been a great month.  We: lost a tooth, learned how to jump off the couch, learned how to make brownies, won student council rep, watched and played jr jazz, had a birthday, played games and spent time together.  All in all it was riveting....  I LOVE MY LIFE!!

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  1. I love the randomness! Your kids are so darling. I was saying to Spencer the other day how adorable and perfect Sami is, and he said, "Well, look who her Mom is." It's true-you guys are the nicest girls I know! Love ya!