Thursday, January 26, 2012


The other day I took the kids grocery shopping with me.  As I was rushing down the isle and in a hurry to go home and start dinner, I turned around and noticed their shoes.  I smiled and thought, I need to blog about this.

Here is Sami in her cowgirl boots.  She loves her boots.  She walks like a lady and takes pride in how she looks.  She tucks them in her pants and wears them with skirts.  They don't go with everything, only certain pants and skirts.  She twirls and dances in them.  Did I mention she loves them?

So here is Alex.  He loves his boots and wears them whether rain or shine.  Apparently, tying your boots is optional.  He wears them with anything and everything.  Sometimes one pant leg it tucked in and the other isn't.  It doesn't matter and he just doesn't care.  (Are his pants "high waters")?

And then there are Zach's shoes.  (Notice he is not in picture.. he fell asleep at 6:30 pm and we are NOT waking him up.. I will tell you about  that later)  His shoes have a hole in the front.  They are little and scuffed.  He rides his bike and drags his feet.  He stumbles and falls a lot.  These shoes are well worn and used a lot.  He wears them to church.  He wears them to pre-school.  He wears them everywhere! 

I guess from looking at their shoes and spending time with them I have realized that girls are girls and boys will be boys.  Girls care and boys simply don't!