Saturday, December 31, 2011


I wanted to share some pictures of our family Christmas parties.  Our families are both incredible and unique.  I thank my lucky stars to have been born into my family and to have been married into Chad's.  I am so happy for my kids to be surrounded by such amazing people!!!  Merry Christmas !!

Santa just showed up!!!  Close your mouth Cade :}!!!

Typical family picture with Zach!!

Friday, December 30, 2011


The Sunday before Christmas, the kids and I made nativities out of play-dough!  This was so much fun and the kids loved it.  We made salt dough and put kool-aid in it.   The colors were interesting, the dough warm, and the kids happy.  We read some scriptures about the birth of our Savior. We made four nativities and they all turned out completely different! Then we carefully bundled up our nativites and delivered them to primary teachers and special friends.  It was a great activity and we loved delivering these gifts of love. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder~

Could she be more sweet and innocent and yet so mature.  She squishes when I hug her.  Her hair is deliciously curly and have you seen her smile.  She lights up the room and when I look at her I am overwhelmed with beauty!

This is Alex's tree.  He literally threw the lights on and a couple of "his" decorations and "walaaa" all done!  He is independent and smart, yet very tender and sensitive.  He is creative and wants to know how the whole world works!   He has deep blue eyes and this little precious mouth.  When I look at him, especially with chocolate in the corners of his mouth, I am stunned by his beauty!

He has all these extra little teeth.  He was a little clumsy as he tried to hang ornaments with his chubby fingers.  His eyebrows furrow and he is so intense when he talks.  He laughs out loud and has splash of little freckles across his nose.  There aren't even words to describe the beauty I see in him. 

 I loved decorating our Christmas tree!  I loved Alex's tree.  I loved Sami's maturity and creativity.  I loved Zach's passion and determination to not give up.  I love and find a lot of humility in being surrounded by these true little beauties!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Chad carving the Turkey! 

All he wanted for Thanksgiving was a Turkey bone!  Not kidding

It was our turn to go to Idaho for Thanksgiving.  My whole family was there.  It was fun to eat in Reed's shop.  The shop was full of snowmobiles, boats and motorcycles that Reed stores for people during the winter months.  There were all kinds of dead animals and critters hanging around on the walls and stuff!  The shop was clean, warm and cozy!  It was great to be there with my whole family!  Chad carved the turkey and I made dressing and pies.  The kids ran around and played with cousins.  Later that day, Reed took all the kids sledding behind the 4-wheeler.  It was so refreshing to go home.  It was fun to take Chad and my kids.  It was great to have my kids feel the wind in their faces as they got pulled on a sled.  It is moments like that, with family, that make me realize how richly blessed we are