Sunday, January 15, 2012

Christmas & New Years

 There is always so much to say about the Christmas holidays!  These are a couple of shots from Christmas morning.  I love this last picture.  It seems almost as if all of the kids are moving, and yet, there is no blur.  That is how I could mostly describe my life with these three little kids.  They were good sports on Christmas morning.  We all slept late and then opened one present and then went to listen to Grandma Sans speak in another ward and then come home and open the rest of the presents.  They didn't complain.  They just simply got ready for church and were obedient.  After we opened presents, they were so happy and gracious.  I was so proud of how many times I heard each of them say "thanks." 

Then comes New Years!!!  I have always loved New Years eve.  I love holidays and any excuse to get together with people and have fun.  Growing up we always went to my grandma's with 50 cousins and aunts and uncles and ate and played games and banged on pans at midnight.  Well, here I am.  My kids are getting older.  My family doesn't live close by and it is New Years eve.  I want to start fun traditions so that my kids will love the holidays like I did.  This year Chad and I took the kids up to Snowbird.  It was great.  We ate pizza up at Snowbird and then went outside on the deck.  The sky was dark and full of stars.  There were a few other people there bundled up, just like us.  The air was cool and crisp.  There were barrels with fire in them.  We huddled close and kept warm.  We watched Zach chase the fire embers as they landed on the ground.   (he thought it was fun to stomp them out)  Then as we looked up on the mountain there was a parade of skiers coming down holding torches.  It was magnificent.  The whole mountain lit up with light.  It looked like a long orange snake.  The kids were thrilled.  Then as  the snake made it's way to the bottom of the mountain the sky lit up with fireworks.  They were loud and bright.  The kids stood there with their necks cranked and squealed with delight.  It was a really good firework show.  Then we loaded up  in the truck and came home.  On the way down the canyon, Sami said, "this was the best New Years ever."  I was so glad to hear her say that.  I hope that when they grow up they will remember all the little things we have tried to do, and all the fun we have had.  Happy New Years!!!

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  1. Rach, how fun!! I love your cute, happy family. Your kids are so sweet and grateful. It's crazy that now we are the parents and we are the ones trying to make things special for our kids, huh? You and Chad are doing a great job. Love you!!