Monday, August 29, 2011

Just the two of us!

The big kids are off to school.  He will start pre-school in two weeks.  Where does the time go?  I am glad he will still be home and still be my little boy!  The others are big and independent, but he still needs me.  I need to embrace this time.. To hold his hand...  I feel like time is flying and my little kids are slipping through my fingers... turning into these interesting, funny, smart,  individuals.... So for now, I need to savor them..savor tiny moments and let them still take my breath away!

Zach and his buddy Peter sitting on the Elephant at Hogle Zoo!

We are at the zoo... Nice posing!!

reading together on the trampoline... look how sweet they are

One of Zach's random outfits!

I want to capture a million of these smiles and moments!

Again, I want to capture this smile forever!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

She made the sign herself.....

Do her earring match? 

First grade = all day!

He picked out his own outfit!

Best Friends!
She's in third grade, he's in first.  She started on Monday, he started on Tuesday.  She worried about her earrings and how to wear her hair.  He wanted to take some Lego's in his pocket. 
     This is a whole new world.  I sat this morning listening to her re-assure him about lunch, "just ask the lunch lady to open you drink', she said.  "I am sorry I can't sit by you at lunch, they won't let third graders and first graders sit together, yes,  I will find you after school."  They are best friends and I am so glad they have each other.  She mothers him and he teases her and they love each other.  I pray that the world won't eat them up, that they will be strong and well mannered.  I hope they always take care of each other, as they did this morning!  The best thing I ever did was have two babies who are growing up to be best friends!

Summer Part II

Crane Reunion in Bennington

Jumping on the trampoline with Grandma Sans

Riding bikes in the church parking lot

On a hike up Joes Gap in Bennington with Grandpa Markee

Alex waterskiing at Bear Lake

more waterskiing

getttin ready to waterski

pretending to waterski

We spent the day Saturday at Snowbird.  We rode the tram and went down the slides.. It was so much fun!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


evening in Bennington

Some of the family in Bennington!

Chad ran a back to back marathon around Bear Lake!

Reading and playing on the trampoline~

wrestling on the trampoline~

Dinosaur museum in Ogden

Birthday pary in the backyard with Grandma Sans and Grandpa!

Sister Cathy and cousins headed to a reunion up the canyon!

Rolling on a log at Bear Lake!

Sami turns 8 and is Baptized!

Family hike up Bells canyon on the 4th of July!

Fireworks with friends on the 4th!

Family reunion in Bennington!

Four of my cousins at their brother Kacey's funeral!

Reed and Court at the funeral!

Happy 24th of July, Butlerville day parade!!!!

We have had a great summer.  There has been lots of reunions, hikes and swimming.  We live in a great neighborhood and have great friends.  The sky at night is beautiful and everything is so green this year.  This kids are really fun ages and excited to do everything.  I lost one of my best friends this summer.  So as I think about him and summer I want to cherish the little things and enjoy everymoment!