Thursday, February 24, 2011


Why is it that I love the NBA???  Is it that we watch Jazz games as a family?  Do I associate the NBA with memories of my childhood and watching games with my parents?  Is is the thrill of seeing new tattoos and hearing foul language?  Is it the sure rush I feel after a team comes back and wins a game in the last tenth of a second?  Is it eye candy?   Do I like to see confidence and arrogance?  I am not sure, but I can tell you this.  I feel like I know these players personally, like they are my friends.  I feel attached to them in some weird way!  I am disappointed when they lose and elated when they win.  I feel sad when they cheat on their wives or when their kids have eye cancer.  I think I want them as athletes to really be superheroes and they are not.  I watch them and bond with them and feel a real connection to them.  So I have to say that I am sad that the Jazz traded Deron Williams and feel like I have lost a dear friend......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Presidents Day Weekend

Here is a re-cap on our weekend!!!

Our Neighbor re-did her bathroom and gave us some boxes... Friday night entertainment....

Saturday night Chad took the boys to "Monster Trucks".  Sami and I decided to go on a date to the mall.  We even got her ears pierced.  She has been begging for months.  It is amazing to watch your own child grow into this fascinating person with feelings and ideas all of her own.  I loved spending some one on one time with her.  We held hands and laughed and it was so refreshing seeing the world through my daughters eyes.....

2 1/2 years old....

Monday we went sledding.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  It was so bright outside it hurt my eyes to open them.  We bundled up and rode down the hill for about 2 hours.  The older kids loved it and Zach was a little nervous about it, but once he started he kept saying "go fast" and "I want to fall in the snow"-- meaning he wanted to crash at the end of the hill.  It is on days like this that I often wonder what I did to deserve this great life.  

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A quiet afternoon

He is all mine!!!  He is passionate and wild... when he talks to me he has to be so close I can smell him and his breath... when he talks he screams... when he laughs he roars... when he loves it almost hurts....  Today while I was cleaning the bathroom apparently Zach thought it would be fun to go skiing.... or was that horseback riding or did southern x-posure call...... again... He is all mine!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So, do you ever wonder about relationships and how it is all suppose to work.  I have this great life and these great kids and this great husband. But let me tell you, today was a hard day.  I have the privilege of raising these amazing little people.  They are mine.  They trust me and love me unconditionally.  They need me, they hug me, they cry for me, and usually I am the only person that can fill 98% of their needs.  It is so overwhelming and draining some days!  Don't get me wrong it is all good, but so hard some days!  I feel like I have thrown my whole heart and my entire soul into my family.  That is what you do when you are a mom and love someone more than life itself.  Yet, sometimes I hope I am up to giving these little people all the love and training they need.  I so don't want to let them down.  I feel like sometimes I have given all I can give and have done all I can do and still they are the ones coming out on the short end of the stick.  It is the same with relationships with spouses and parents and people you love so much.  I always feel like there is so much more to give and do and sometimes I am just too tired.  I am tired of letting people down and tired of not doing everything 100%.  I feel like my most personal and close relationships are stretching me.  Which is hard, it is good and it will make me a better person.  Sometimes though, I am tired of being stretched and I just want to feel like I really do give someone I love ALL that they need. 

It makes me want to re-evaluate my life and my priorities.  Is it really important that the top of my fridge is clean or that there isn't dust on my shelves.  It is so important for me to do all I can for others and especially my little family.  So here's to stretching and growing and learning together... Here's to giving and helping and sharing... and most of all here's to forgiving and being forgiven and loving not matter what....

Friday, February 11, 2011


2nd grade Valentines Bingo

decorating cookies...Caleb is loving this!!!

Kindergarten bing bag toss

Nothing like a Valentine Devil for your Valentine's...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


one morming before Kindergarten!!

The boys at Wheeler Farms!!
Breakfast in Moab!!

We found a great sand hill in Moab!!

On a walk down by Old Mill!!!

Striking a pose at Bear Lake!!

Easter Morning with their Zhu Zhu pets!!
  I am so glad they have each other.... Enough said!!!! 

Random Thoughts

- Today I started filling out pre-school papers for Zach... Where does the time go?  He will be turning 3 this June and going to pre-school.... Time to start potty training and getting him in a big bed... What happened to my baby?   It is ok, he is such a wild little boy... He is animated and LOUD!!  He repeats himself and stutters a lot.. Every time he talks, the first thing he says is "guess what" about 3 times before he actually says something.   I love that he is cuddly and still really wants me to hold him.. his head  fits right in the space between my neck and chin... it is when he is resting there that I feel complete and know exactly who I am...

- Alex my buddy in the morning....  has afternoon Kindergarten so he is all mine in the morning!!! I love this precious time with him... he is the most creative kid I know.  He is always building things and taking them apart.  He got our boxes from Costco the other night and turned himself into a robot.  He loves playing the WII... He has a strong personality... when he gets an idea he will NOT let it drop.. which can be taxing or wonderful depending on the idea.. he also still LOVES me.... he cuddles... he kisses.. he holds my hand and again, my life is simply perfect because he loves me perfect!!!

-Sami is in 2nd grade and had to make her Valentine box.  She is super on the ball and totally excited to do any kind of school project.  We went up to Grandma Sans last night and used her cricket to cut out some hearts for her box.  Sami is so passionate and kind.  She has a million friends and everyone wants to play with her.  She is very sensitive and takes good care of me.  I know it should be the other way around but she is already mothering and I am the lucky recipient.....

-Chad is busy busy busy.. which equals.. happy, happy, happy...  He works full time and teaches spin at the Rec center and he is also instructing a "Century" bike camp... He is in the High Council and is helping with Trek this year... he is truly an amazing man... He loves the gospel and the Savior so much.  He is the most goal oriented, determined person I know.  Chad is what I would call "mentally tough".  I look forward to him getting home in the evenings, I look forward to the 30 minutes we have together at night to laugh and talk in bed, even when he is sooo tired, I look forward to praying with him and waking up with him.... I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him...

                                            Alex has spring fever and loves his scooter!!
                                         Zach is a "ham".  That is all I have to say!!
                                          Sami on a hike this summer.  What a pretty day!
                                     Chad riding his bike in his second "Ironman in Az.. It was
                                             raining and so cold!!!
My life is crazy and good......

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Amazing Lady

So, my mom turned 64 this last week.  I have thought a lot about her this last week.  I get overwhelmed and emotional when I really think about her and the sacrifices she had made for me.  She has given me more and done more for me than any other person on this whole earth.  I guess that is what you do when you are a mom.  I was raised by the best.  I came up with a little list of words that describe some of the things this lady is to me, she is my:

     protector     advisor       spiritual guide       
     teacher        example     cheerleader
     counselor     chauffeur      mentor
     healer           maid          
     therapist       mentor
     comforter     supporter
     nurse            baby sitter
     cook            inspiration

 But most importantly she is-- my mom-- my best friend-- and my hero!!!!
Everyday I am so thankful for her and her amazing life.  She is truly an Amazing Lady!  Happy Birthday mom.. I love you lots and lots!!!!     

My mom, Sami and Alex watching fire works over the 4th of July this summer.  Yes, we are in Montpelier and yes, it was FREEZING!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It is amazing!!!!

Did you see how tired I am?   Do you see how happy, truly happy I am?  Did you see me comfort him?  Did you see him put his chubby fingers around my neck?  Did you wonder how many times I have put shirts on that healthy little body of how many diapers I have changed?  Did you wonder how many love notes I have with pictures of her and I?  Did you know how many times I have encouraged him to flex and show me those great muscles?  Did you know about the bad dreams, tummy aches, and band aids?  It is all a whirlwind, constant motion, a miracle.  It is my life and IT IS AMAZING!!!! 

I decided to start a blog to capture some of the amazing little moments in my life.