Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Steamboat Springs Day 3

We went to this great swimming place called Downtown Hot Springs.  They  had these fun water slides and this rock wall you could climb and then jump in.  At first, I think the kids were a little gun shy, but then they decided to climb and jump in.  I was proud of them for trying.   They had a bunch of hot spring pools and a bu

After a full day of swimming we went out for pizza.  It was delicious... The kids were ravenous.  We didn't order enough pizza so we went back to the condo and ate Trix cereal.  ya gotta love the good 'ole stand bys...

I realize this isn't the most charming picture of Chad and I, but I wanted to share it.  We went running in the mornings and one of the kids snapped this shot. There were so many running trails.. You could run for miles in any direction.  I had to talk Chad into coming with me because I was afraid I would run into a bear....

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