Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A summer to remember

We have had a great summer.  Here are some random shots of our crazy fun summer.  Chad quit his job in the middle of June so we have been able to spend some good quality family time together.  We probably won't have another summer like this, with him around.  My friends and I do this thing called Adventure Wednesday.  We take our kids on an adventure every Wednesday.  It has been so much fun.  We have gone to Bear Lake and Colorado.  We have been to parades and bbq's.  We have been swimming and hiking.  We went up to Snowbird and spent an afternoon.  We have watched movies and had great naps.  We read books and ate chocolate.  This had been a great summer.  I am so grateful for such a good husband, great family and even better friends.... Here is to the end of summer --

Adventure Wednesday..  Kate,Sami, Sydney, Lauren

Adventure Wed.  Ethan, Alex, Hunter

Adventure Wed.  Zach and Lauryn

Lauren and Sami

Parade...Alex, Ethan and Lincoln

Bear  River in Bennington

Bear Lake

Liberty Park - Sydney, Sami, Alex, Zach, and Lauren

Rec center - Peter, Alex, Zach

24th of July Parade- Grace, Sydney,Kate, Sami, Mason

Bennington, Zach  got stung by a bee!!!

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