Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Steamboat Springs Day 2

We hiked up to Fish Creek Falls.  The hike was super easy and beautiful.  There is something so refreshing about packing a lunch and eating in the fresh air.  We hiked up and played on the rocks and ate lunch.  The kids threw rocks in the water and fed cheetos to the chipmunks. 

That evening we went up to the ski resort and walked around.  They had this small creek with big stepping stones everywhere.  The kids loved it and by the time we got in the truck to go home they were all soaking wet. 

Here are London and Zach.  They were little  buddies on this trip.  They had all kinds of these little posters up at the ski resort and don't think we didn't take advantage... too bad Zach deleted most of my pictures...

Just another shot of the kids at the resort that evening.  The air was so refreshing and cool.  There weren't very many people around and we were on an adventure, checking things out and exploring... It was fun!

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