Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Steamboat Springs, CO Day 1

We went on a little family vacation this summer.  After church on Sunday we saw a brown bear and her cub.  How cool is that?  We came strolling out of church and what do ya know, the bears were right there.  It was almost scary we were so close to them.  I don't think the kids really appreciated how cool this actually was.

We found this great little Botanical Park to walk through on Sunday afternoon.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Zach deleted most of the pictures on my camera.  So thanks to Aunt Miki I have a few random shots.  It was a fun little park with a map and pathways and beautiful plants...  The kids loved the maps and little pathways.  It was really fun.

Here are all the cousins studying their maps and figuring out where they want to go!

Christmas picture- yes, no?  Family photo!

Chad and I hardly ever have our picture taken together.  So when I saw this one I snatched it right up.  He is in  his usual "picture" pose and I am wearing a silly  hat.  We like to keep things real.

They love to pose... Notice the map... It was one of the highlights of the trip!!

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