Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things I should blog about but don't~

We had some friends and a fire one evening.  The kids played on the trampoline and ate hot  dogs.  We enjoyed our evenings outside tihs summer.

This was a cold Saturday.  The kids formed their own band!  Awesome!

We took Zach and Chase to Wheeler Farm.  We fed the ducks and played in the little play houses.  It was a great afternoon.

The sign says it all..  This is one thing I could of blogged about for 8 years.  This was Chad's 8th year doing this ride.  206 miles.. 3 states... 1 day.. I could tell you about the year that it snowed and Chad had to sit in an ambulance because of hypothermia.  Out of 1000 riders, 300 finished that year, and Chad was one of them.  I could tell you about the year some guy from New York offered me $300 to do support for his buddy.  I could tell you about the year that Chad came up Salt River pass and there was a rider completely unconcious laying in the road, and that bikers were riding around him like it was no big deal. I could tell you about all the men I have seen peeing by the side of the road and the crazy husbands yelling at their wives at feed zone.   I could tell you about the year Chad did so good he stood on the podium.  I could tell about the thorns in the tires and the man that died this year.  This is such an interesting and fun bike race/ride.   We have done it enought (like how I say we) that it usually goes as we plan.  He trains for this and rides all summer to be ready for this ride.  I wish I was savy enough to pull up some of my pictures from other years, but this is all I got today...

Chad on his way to the finish!

Chad and part of his team "chatting" it up after!

Usually, I leave the kids at my mom's house in Montpelier. but this year Alex was my "wing" man.  We had such a good day together.  The sun was warm.  The leaves were  changing colors.  We ate treats and sang songs.  Here is Alex at the finish.  We were both tired. 

Sami had this picture of her Girl Scout troop published in the "Girl Scout" magazine.  Sami is in the orange with the crazy hair.

Also, this week, Sami, had her picture in the Deseret News.  It is a weird angle.  She is "high fiving" teachers on the first day of school.  (our little claim to fame)

Some of the kids in the neighborhood decided to ride their bikes to school. 

Sami at Girl Scout camp, apparently she wore the "orange" shirt in all the pictures...

Here is a picture of the girls and leaders that went to camp.  She has really enjoyed girls scouts and LOVES girl scout camp!

Last, but not least, a picture of me and my achievement day girls.  We "tried" to make glitter pumpkins!


  1. So fun to see a glimpse into your life! Your family is beautiful - some seriously gorgeous kdis and one fun mom! Someday I am going to ride's on my bucket list. I'm an activity day leader, too! We might need to compare notes one day.

  2. You're family is darling! I love reading your blog.