Saturday, October 20, 2012

Colors, smell, leaves, people~

My kids and my friend Sarah Bunkers kids after a hike up Neffs Canyon!

Family photo up Neffs Canyon!

Bunker kids up Neffs Canyon

Sarah and her cute kids up Neffs Canyon!

Sami and Chad on the Little Willow Hike!

Chad and kids hiking up to Little Willow Lake!

Little Willow Lake~

Picture of some friends/girl at Little Willow Lake

Boys at Little Willow Lake~
Group shot of all the kids at Little Willow Lake!

Little Willow  Lake
I am  just going to talk about my senses when I hike.  I usually go slow because I am with Zach.  He is a great little hiker, but not fast.  So, I really have time to enjoy hiking.  My favorite hike is up to Little Willow Lake.  It is not quite a mile one way.  You walk through a ton of Aspen trees.  We hiked there one fall and it was "snowing" leaves.  It was so magical.  The kids and I just stopped hiking.  We stood still and it was like the world stood still with all these orange and yellow leaves floating in the air.   There were hundreds of them.  It was so special.  When I hike breath deep.  When I hike I notice the beauty and can feel the silence.  I embrace the silence.  
We did a couple of family hikes and some with great friends.  I am so thankful for the change of seasons.  For how beautiful and exciting it can be.  For the way I work and breath and move to get where I am going.  And most of all, for the awe and spirituality I feel, when I see this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for me!

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  1. These pictures are so great! I love the perspective you give. You are so genuine and true. Not just, we went on a hike, here's the proof. But, this is how it FELT. I love the picture of your three kids in front of the lake. You can just tell there is a lot of love there. What a fun family day. I'm so glad you took the time to record it!!!