Friday, October 26, 2012

~No Faces

This picture says so much about my kids and my life!  First of all, look at their shoes.  They are all slip on shoes.  No laces!  Sami LOVES her cowboy boots!  She crosses her legs and wears rubber bands around her wrists.  Sami is getting long legs.  She is getting tall and confident.  Alex will always be the middle kid.  He is kind and generous.  His little arms are crossed and his hand are gently place on his knees.  Not perfect, not even, just sitting their relaxed the way they need to be.  He runs and plays balls in those shoes.  He goes to cub scouts in those shoes. His legs are almost as long as Sami's, almost.  He has his own adventures to look forward too.  Then there is little Zach, and he will always be the baby.  There are burs all over his pant legs from some random adventure.  His legs just dangle off the bench. They are a lot farther from the ground then his siblings.  He is trying to figure out exactly what to do with his fingers.   His hands are almost clasped, but not quite.  
They sit side by side on the bench.  They are all uniquely different and yet the same blood courses through them... They sit side by side on this bench, as I hope they will be side by side for the rest of their lives!


  1. Rach, this is so precious!!! It's true, you can tell so much about each child just by how they are sitting. They are all so unique, but the same. What great kids. Man, I can just see how Sami is growing up!! Her stance just says, "Yep, I'm on my way!" So confident. The boys are darling. And I love the no shoelaces. I try to avoid shoe laces at all costs. Just give these kids a few years and the boys are going to be bigger than their big sister! Won't that be the day?

  2. Beautiful writing, Rachie. Love those kids.