Monday, August 6, 2012

Parades, Summer and Friends

We went to the Murray parade on the 4th of July!  The Bunkers invited us to go with their family.  Notice the adults in the background.  It was a hot parade.  There were even some Zombies in this parade.  The kids got a lot of candy and loved it.

I love this picture!  Sami and Lincoln at the parade on the 4th.  They have been great friends since they were 2.  I love how opposite they are.  I love that they are friends.  I love that they are both holding the American flag!

Alex just chillin waiting for the parade to start.  This was the Cottonwood Heights parade on the 24th!

Alex and da boyz, Ethan and Lincoln, just waiting for the parade to start!

I LOVE this picture.  These ladies are some of the greatest ladies I know.  We decided to get a picture of all of the moms.  It was pretty funny.  This is the best shot I got. 

Just a little action shot.  This is the Cottonwood Heights parade.  I know and love all the people in this picture...

Sticker anyone?

Chad, Abby and Sarah... We were teasing Chad because he was the only husband/dad.  There were a bunch of us ladies and we said that we looked like sister wives with Chad.  I love my friends... I am so blessed to have them in my life!

Just another action shot of our group!

4th of July parade...

Sami and some of the ladies... and little Mason.  This is not the best picture of any of them!

Sami and Syd.... just chillin at the parade!

So we have had a great time going to parades and hanging out with friends this summer.

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