Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are we really Thankful????

I talked on the phone tonight with a dear friend of mine, whose son is in the NICU up at Primary Childrens with heart issues.  Did I mention he is only 6 weeks old?  That he has already had open heart surgery!  Did ya know that my mom had her knee partially replaced this morning and is laying in hospital bed as sick as a dog tonight?  Did I tell you about my cute aunt who has a terminal malignant brain tumor and has 2 months to live?  I have a friend who has an addiction to drugs and alcohol and is really struggling.  I have a cousin whose daughter is going to have a kidney transplant.  She has mitochondrial disease and suffers from seizures etc..etc..  That is what my niece, Torri, died of.  Do we really understand how vital and precious life is? I sit here tonight and feel my heart bleeding for all of the heartache of the people I love around me.  I am anxious and I worry.  It seems like they are always in the back of my head, constantly!  I am reading my scriptures waiting for Zach to go to sleep.  And all of a sudden, there is a beautiful warm calm that envelopes me.   I just wanted to share my testimony.  That I know the Lord loves us.  I weep as I think about the Plan of Salvation and how precious each one of us it to God!   I think about small tender mercies that let us know that He is there and carrying us through our trials.  I find comfort in the Holy Ghost and know that with his help we can do anything.  I am so thankful for the Atonement.  To know that Christ didn't "just" take care of our sins, but ALL of our heartache and sadness.  I know that through the Atonement all things can be healed and made better and I KNOW that Jesus is the Savior.  I am thankful so so thankful for this Knowledge!  I am thankful for the power of prayer.  I am thankful for the comforter!  I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father.....


  1. Thank you for sharing. I felt the spirit just reading your post.

  2. You are such a beautiful, loving and inspiring person. I am thankful that you are a part of my family. I love you! Thanks for your testimony.