Friday, June 15, 2012

Pre-school ~

This picture was taken before the fieldtrip to the zoo.  (L to R)  There is Shaun, Jessica, Melissa and Kaden)  He loves these big helpers!

Each senior got to talk about their little kid.  Here is Kaden and Melissa.

Zach got kind of shy.  I thought this was so sweet when he leaned on Kaden and Kaden gently re-assured him.  Like I said, this was a special group of seniors...

Zach and his buddy, Afton.  They have a love/hate relationship. 

The fabulous Ms. Erickson!

Zach and all of his big helpers!
Zach was lucky enough to go to Skyline pre-school this year!  The class was smaller so on any given day he had 2-4 big helpers.  They read stories and played games.  They sang songs and danced.  They even rode a bus to the zoo for their field trip.  Zach had a very special group of seniors this year who LOVED him and he LOVED them.  One of his big helpers, Kaden, got all choked up when he was talking about Zach at graduation.  It was so so sweet.  I just sat their and cried.  Zach had a crush on his big helper, Jessica, he always told me how beautiful she was.  She is the blonde one holding him.  His actual teacher was Ms. Erickson.  This was her last year to teach pre-school.  Which makes me so sad. He also loved Melissa and Shaun.  I am so thankful that he had the opportunity to go to preschool this year!!

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