Friday, June 15, 2012

First Grade Program~

Alex had his first grade program in May.  It was so cute.  The kids all wore their Sunday best and sang about 25 songs.  They did actions and danced.  Grandpa came with me to the program.  We were laughing cause we thought the program was long with 19 songs then we turned the program over and saw a few more.  We got the giggles.  Alex was so cute and animated.  He kept waving at me and blowing kisses to me.  I have cherished how sweet he is.  I love that he is still not too cool to show how much he loves me.  After the program, Grandpa took all of us and we went and got ice-cream. 

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  1. Oh he is just the sweetest thing! First grade finished!! So bittersweet. I love the picture of him with that sweet little look on his face. Isn't that just the way you will always think of him, even after he is grown and bigger than you? He is such a precious kid!!