Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day~

Here it is in a nutshell!!

Chad and Sami went on a daddy/daughter date.  It was a stake activity with a "cowboy" theme.  Sami loved it.  She got to paint Chad's nails and thought it was great!  Yes, she decorated her own hat!

We made sugar cookies... Look at that hair in the background!

And we ate sugar cookies!

We had a fun dinner of appetizers and fingerfood.  I bought Chad some sushi!

I made all the kids and Chad a "Valentines" jar with treats in it.  They also each got a little surprise from me, because I love them soooooo much!

Then Chad came home and surprised the kids with a new Wii game and a bunch of thoughtful little gifts.  He was so nice and so so thoughtful... What a great surprise!

This by far was my favorite Valentine I got this year.  Do you see how Alex loves me more than "innyfeen".  (anything)  I am so so happy.  My life is so good.  My kids are so great.   Chad is so kind.  I love my life!  Happy Valentines Day!!

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