Thursday, August 4, 2011


evening in Bennington

Some of the family in Bennington!

Chad ran a back to back marathon around Bear Lake!

Reading and playing on the trampoline~

wrestling on the trampoline~

Dinosaur museum in Ogden

Birthday pary in the backyard with Grandma Sans and Grandpa!

Sister Cathy and cousins headed to a reunion up the canyon!

Rolling on a log at Bear Lake!

Sami turns 8 and is Baptized!

Family hike up Bells canyon on the 4th of July!

Fireworks with friends on the 4th!

Family reunion in Bennington!

Four of my cousins at their brother Kacey's funeral!

Reed and Court at the funeral!

Happy 24th of July, Butlerville day parade!!!!

We have had a great summer.  There has been lots of reunions, hikes and swimming.  We live in a great neighborhood and have great friends.  The sky at night is beautiful and everything is so green this year.  This kids are really fun ages and excited to do everything.  I lost one of my best friends this summer.  So as I think about him and summer I want to cherish the little things and enjoy everymoment!


  1. I love all of these! I love Sami's cake did you make that??? Love and miss you guys! (It has been a few days!!)

  2. I just came across your blog! Hope you don't mind. What a sweet family you have. You have a beautiful way with words. I absolutley loved what you shared about Kacey. Thank you! It is so hard to have someone you are so close to taken so suddenly and tragically. It doesn't quite make sense. I guess we just have to have faith that they are doing something greater and more important on the other side. And someday we will understand. But in the meantime it is sure hard. The wounds heal I suppose but there are definately deep scars. I really wish I would have known Kacey better. I haven't stayed in good contact with anyone. This whole thing brought back all the memories of when Lorin's brother was killed in a plane crash by Moab 3 years ago. You just never think that you will get that phone call. It is so aweful there aren't even words. So when I got that phone call from my mom about Kacey my heart sunk and hurt so very much for all of you that were so close to him, especially for his sweet wife and boys. I hope that you have felt the love and peace of the comforter. Love you!