Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Day of School

She made the sign herself.....

Do her earring match? 

First grade = all day!

He picked out his own outfit!

Best Friends!
She's in third grade, he's in first.  She started on Monday, he started on Tuesday.  She worried about her earrings and how to wear her hair.  He wanted to take some Lego's in his pocket. 
     This is a whole new world.  I sat this morning listening to her re-assure him about lunch, "just ask the lunch lady to open you drink', she said.  "I am sorry I can't sit by you at lunch, they won't let third graders and first graders sit together, yes,  I will find you after school."  They are best friends and I am so glad they have each other.  She mothers him and he teases her and they love each other.  I pray that the world won't eat them up, that they will be strong and well mannered.  I hope they always take care of each other, as they did this morning!  The best thing I ever did was have two babies who are growing up to be best friends!


  1. Way cute pictures Rachel and I love the signs!! So cute how Sami takes care of her little bro.!

  2. That's so sweet, Rachel. I love it!!! You are such a good little mommy :)

  3. I have loved reading through your blog posts. You have a way with words. Your kids are darling and I can see so much of you in them.

    I'm so sorry for the loss of your cousin. I went to school with Cari (she was a year ahead of me), and I am so sad for her and you and everyone who loved him.

    Hope all is well with you and your sweet family.

    Love, Jenny