Friday, April 22, 2011

Grandma's Funeral

I have not blogged for several weeks and there is always so much to going on.  Life is great that way!  I am turning 35 and had to get a new drivers license, ss card and passport!  That has taken most of the month of March to do all three.  My grandma Dayton passed away.  She was 101 years old.  I never really felt super close to her and I don't have a ton of personal memories of her, which is sad!  The kids and  I went to her funeral in Cokeville, Wyoming.  Chad couldn't make it.  The funeral was very special.  I learned a lot about myself as I heard my uncles speak of my Grandma and some of her qualities.  They said she was mild and happy and always willing to serve.  Those are some of the qualities I think I got from her.  Also, there was a general authority there  (which is her son in law L.Tom Perry) and two members of the seventy.  That was kind of neat.  I thought the best part of the funeral was the closing song when all the grandchildren and spouses got up and sang together.  There are 49 grandchildren.  I was overwhelmed when we sang.  I felt so much love and was so proud to be part of that great heritage.  I felt the spirit pour over me with such pure love, that tears filled my eyes as I sang.  It was a "once in a lifetime" experience.  Afterwards, I had the chance to visit with cousins and family!  I am so thankful for such a great family! 

The Pall Bearers and some of the grandsons!!

Cathy, Courtney and I got the giggles during the song practice!

Some of the grandchildren at song practice!

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