Thursday, April 28, 2011


getting ready for the Easter egg hunt

Chad took Zach to the 0-2 egg hunt

I took the big kids to the 6-9 yr old egg hunt.

Zach would not stand by the dang bunny so here we are, loving the bunny!

The kids sitting on the back of the firetruck after the egg hunt!

Just a sample of what we left the Bunny!  Sami was so excited and worried about whether or not the bunny had enough to eat! (really, oh ya)

A cute note she left the bunny!

Easter morning-- wake up Chad-- nice hair Sami-

This was suppose to be one of those great "Easter, new church clothes" shots OR my kids are all challenged!  Bless their hearts!  I tried!


  1. I am laughing so hard at Zach's pics! He is the biggest ham there ever was! Love that kid. All your kids are so darling! And hey, at least your husband was out of bed for the Easter festivities. I couldn't get mine up until 9...

  2. Sami flashing the peace sign -- she's my type of girl! :)