Monday, May 7, 2012

Hair Bands and Birthdays~

Our friend Curry Wilson turned 40.  His wife hired an 80's hair band to come to the party.  Needless to say, Chad ordered an Iron Maiden t-shirt and I ratted my hair.  We wore leather and headbands.  It was awesome.  Chad usually doesn't love to dress up but since all he HAD to do was buy a new shirt.  He was excited.  I am always excited to dress up.  We danced, sang, laughed and just simply rock and rolled!  God bless!



  1. Okay, this is HILARIOUS!!! I am dying laughing over Chad's hair! And you are just the hottest little number ever. You guys are the best. What an awesome 40th birthday. We all need to stay true to our butt rocking roots!

    I found an old letter from Cindy the other day that said, "Hey, do you still have our Poison tape? We are planning to drag Main when you get here, so please bring it!" Ha ha, we were awesome!

  2. You guys rock! LOVING the photos!