Saturday, December 3, 2011


Chad carving the Turkey! 

All he wanted for Thanksgiving was a Turkey bone!  Not kidding

It was our turn to go to Idaho for Thanksgiving.  My whole family was there.  It was fun to eat in Reed's shop.  The shop was full of snowmobiles, boats and motorcycles that Reed stores for people during the winter months.  There were all kinds of dead animals and critters hanging around on the walls and stuff!  The shop was clean, warm and cozy!  It was great to be there with my whole family!  Chad carved the turkey and I made dressing and pies.  The kids ran around and played with cousins.  Later that day, Reed took all the kids sledding behind the 4-wheeler.  It was so refreshing to go home.  It was fun to take Chad and my kids.  It was great to have my kids feel the wind in their faces as they got pulled on a sled.  It is moments like that, with family, that make me realize how richly blessed we are

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