Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Pictures~

Is it fair to say that they are painful?  Do we all wear the same colors or not?  Should we go to a studio or have a friend take them?  Should we try to control Sami's hair?   Does Alex know how cute his "real" smile is, because his fake one isn't working out!  Can we get Zach to quit being so dang cheesy, he really can be charming.  Did you want to talk about Chad, and how much he LOVES family pictures?  Me either!  So this year we had one of my dearest friends take our family pictures!  She is super talented.  She has a creative eye.  She is clever and quick.  She is pretty much magic.  It is amazing to me how she can capture my life.  When I look at these pictures of my kids and husband, my own little family, I cry!  This is what I do and what I feel like I was meant to do.  I was meant to dress them and feed them and love them.  I was meant to hold them and help them and guide them.  I was meant to be their mom and his wife.  It is my place in this crazy world.  It is my legacy!  It is my life.  So thank you Sarah for showing me again, how amazing my little family is!!!  (I can give you a referral if you want..she is awesome!)

If there was volume on this, it would be LOUD!!!!  just sayin~

He is relaxed and looking straight at the camera.. He and I, we fit like a puzzle!

~My cup runneth over~

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  1. So cute! I love that one of just you and Chad. What a beautiful couple! Hey, did you know that you were right outside Spencer's work building....Good old Exchange Place.....Well done, Sarah!