Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cancun 2011

Dear Cancun,

There is so much to say.  5 days, 80 degrees, mother and sister in laws, guacamole, ocean, blue skies, poolside, 3 or 4 books, guacamole, boys hair club, "Blue" the mascot for the Indianapolis Colts, guacamole, i-pad, spa, gym, guacamole, Gilberto, birthday, beet salad, aloe vera, pina coladas, etc...etc...etc...  The list could go on and on.  I appreciated the delicious food.  I loved the people watching.  I liked the sun, minus the sunburn in my armpits.  I loved the blue water and the sand in between my toes.    I was embarrassed for the couple who kept taking inappropriate pictures, poolside. (don't need to ever see that again) I loved the 3 Australian boys who asked Sandi, if they looked gay, because, they weren't.  We loved meeting the sponsors for the Indianapolis Colts football team and their mascot, "Blue."  We met finance guys from Cleveland and a cute couple on their one year anniversary.  Their was a drunk group poolside.  One of the guys in the group wore a wig in the shape of a "mullet", awesome!  Did I mention they were drunk.  I loved the gym and the spa and the tasty buffet and restaurants.  Most of all, I loved that the four of us laid in the bed and laughed until we cried.  I love that my sister in laws are thoughtful and each brought me a cute momento.  I love that my mother in law loves us and is willing to spend precious time with us.  It was a trip I will never forget. 

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  1. Rach, that looks absolutely amazing. Your mother and sisters-in-law look darling, as do you. Love the crotch shot. People watching is always entertaining, no matter where you are, but probably especially in Cancun!