Thursday, September 15, 2011


This summer Chad and I were asked to go on Trek.  It is a pioneer journey for 4 days and 3 nights, in Wyoming.  You push a handcart.  They weigh about 400 pounds... with all of your stuff on them about 700 pounds.  You dress up as pioneers.  You sleep on the ground with a tarp.  Then for the rest of the trip you walk and talk.  I thought I would share some of the pictures I have from trek.

That is our handcart and our family...notice no shoes...

On the last day we decided to give rides on top of the handcart.  It was fun.  Seanne and Jane are on top!

This is a great picture of how they pulled and no shoes, just rags and nothing so cool!

At the start of the "women's pull" we had no idea what was ahead of us!!!

another shot without shoes....

There was this swampy muddy area and our family decided to give Pres. Mendenhall a ride across... Hold on!!!

Pushing and pulling up hill

Things are starting to get steep on the "women's pull".

Micah and all our shoes!!

We tried to put rags on our feet but they just fell off... This is me!!

Chad was a great leader and always happy... I love his smile!

This was right after the "women's pull".  There are not words to describe the feelings in my heart!

Again, there are no words!

Ma and pa..

This is a group shot of our whole family!
We had 12 youth assigned to us.  Chad and I were to be their "ma" and "pa".    Trek was a hard, but an incredible experience.  I was not that excited to go.  We slept on the ground.  We were cold at night.  We were dirty, so dirty.  It was hot.  We got blisters on our feet.  One day I only had 2 girls finish out of 6 because of the elements and sickness.  We bonded.  We laughed.  We cried.  One day we gave our kids a little pep talk about facing adversity with hope and challenged them to walk 2 miles without shoes.  They all did this.  No questions asked, they just simply sat down took their shoes off and did it.  It was amazing and so humbling to think that I had the opportunity to spend time with such strong human beings. 
The girls watched as they called all the men away and we began the women's pull.  It was 2 miles long.  It was a steep, steep hill.  There were 7 of us with a 600 pound handcart.  It was tough.  One of the toughest things I have ever done.  As I pushed along with these girls, I was in awe at their strength, determination, and faith.  When we finally reached the top, the men in our family were standing their with wild flowers and drinks.  But before we drank or did anything else, we hugged, we cried, and we said a prayer of gratitude.  That night I had the opportunity to watch Chad administer to one of the girls who was so sick and not feeling well.  It was one of the most stimulating days of my whole life.  I was depleted mentally, physically and spiritually, yet I felt so strong and inspired by this group of kids.  A lot of other special experiences happened that day... they are just too precious for me to write about. 
A Couple of them had terrible blisters on their feet, one girl had heat a stroke, several just had heat exhaustion and were beat up.  We helped each other out.  We took care of each other.  I heard two of the girls sing, one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard, without a stitch of music or practicing.  I listened to them bear their testimonies.  I watched them serve each other.  I watched and helped them bandage each others feet.  I watched them dance and laugh together.  I watched them cheer for each other and support each other.  We had races and played some fun games. There isn't enough time and not enough words and space to say all that I want to say so for now; We made memories, but most of all we felt the love of our Savior and the power of the Holy Ghost.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so glad I was there to be a part of it and to share it with Chad!


  1. Beautiful, Rache, brings tears to my eyes... xoxo

  2. What a wonderful experience for you and your family. The Church is TRUE!

  3. You can just see the sweet spirit that was there.What a great way to strengthen a testimony. You are an amazing member of the church. I am so lucky to have you as an example to me.

  4. Awesome, awesome post! I am so glad you have these extras of us. There are a lot of other amazing things about these, testimony builders, inspirational messages, conversations playing back in my head, and most especially strength. I still see lots of STRENGTH.