Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 35 year old me!

So this morning Zach is at pre-school for a couple of hours and the big kids are also at school.  I did a little exercising this morning.  Then instead of showering and cleaning up I thought I would run to Target because I had no kids and about 30 minutes. 
So, I go to Target and there are about 15 people I know. (remember I didn't shower)  I visit and chat with a few of them.  I meander around and look at swimsuits, they are only $3.98.  Of course there is L, XL, and XXL or XS, all of them are two piece and none have padding.  Good times!  So I look at the cute shoes and jewelry and try to figure out if the tops on the rack are dresses or shirts, and do you wear anything under them?  It was fun to just wander.  I looked at the books and smelled perfume.  I checked out the Halloween isle and passed people and smiled at them.  They smiled back.  I saw a panini grill that I would love to buy and maybe will ask for it for Christmas.  Blah blah blah...So this is how my morning was spent.  As I jump in my truck and leave Target, I look in the rear view mirror and realize that I have a huge black "treasure" right in the middle of my front teeth. 
So not only have I not showered.  I have crap in my teeth and I'm not sure if shirts are suppose to be dresses or shirts.  Plus, I look tired and confused... All I have to say is I embrace this me.  I am 35 not 19 and maybe I can find someone to help me figure out what is actually cute to wear and how to brush my teeth.  God Bless!


  1. I will help you with what to wear but I do not know the first thing about keeping my teeth clean! Love the post.... Love you.

  2. LOL! Love you, Rachie. I have a shirt/dress, not sure which, that I wear as a skirt, so you're not the only one! I am jealous that you have 1.5 hours of alone time each day. That is a treasure.