Sunday, July 10, 2011

NO Name

I am not sure what to "Title" this post!  Today is Sunday and I just got home from a fireside.  I went to church today feeling like I usually do on a Sunday:  late, rushed, hot, hungry, frustrated, tired etc..etc.. the list could go on and on.  There was a mission farewell and of course there was no where to sit.  We crowded on this little bench and took a deep breath, did I mention the air conditioning was not working. 
It was one of those Sundays, where my soul was going on empty and when I left church it was exploding with knowledge and so much love.  The questions were asked, "Do you think the Savior was scared to go into the Garden?  Do you think he really new what he was going to suffer, and most importantly, why did he do this for us, for me?"  The only thing that comes close to me understanding the atonement is: when I think of one of my children suffering.  I would do anything to comfort, strengthen, lift, help and even remove their pain.
I often think of my sweet sister who lost her 14 year old daughter 2 years ago.  I can not imagine the actual daily anguish and heartache that is hers for a whole lifetime.  Right after Torri had died, one of her friends told her that she needed to let the Lord carry her burden.  That she needed to rest mentally, spiritually, physically, and that is would be ok to let the Lord thelp her.  To let him love her and help her because he has already suffered for both of them, for all of us.  It was at that moment that I truly realized I will never be able to actually wrap my head around how much our Savior LOVES us. 
So in short, He lived, He died, and he lives again.  This makes me happy, this soothes my soul, and this brings me pure true perfect happiness.

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  1. It is mind boggling to think of the sacrifice The Savior made for everyone. I think you are completely right when you compare his love for us and a mothers love for her children. We would and have done many things to help these spirits. You are a great mother and that is why Heavenly Father is trusting you to teach and love his children.