Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's great to be Eight~

From the first moment I felt her move I LOVED her.  She is so so sweet.  There is a light in her that burns so bright.  She is brilliant, she glows.  I often want to touch her hair and feel her warm skin to see if some of the brilliance, the brightness will rub off on me.  She is happy so happy that she is loud.  She vibrates with emotion and energy!  She is tender, not dramatic, but tender.  She cries in movies and feels bad for homeless people.  She hugs me and wants me to be ok, always!  She holds her brothers hands, she gets them drinks of water, she puts band aids on their owees, she tucks them in bed at night, she loves her brothers.  She is not needy or demanding, not dramatic or selfish, she is kind.  She shares and is always a good sport.  She is not spoiled, or full of herself.  She thinks of others and usually puts them first.  She's got this crazy curly hair.  I have never had a day, never, when someone hasn't asked, "is that natural?"  She loves stuffed animals and watching movies.  She likes to paint and roller skate.  She rides her bike and does a little babysitting.  She reads her scriptures and was so excited to get baptized.  She LOVES her dad.  She likes being the oldest granddaughter on one side.  She is a good example and friend.  I want so much for her.  I want to always hold her hand and help her when life gets tough.  I want her to tell me her deep dark secrets and share her funny jokes.  I want to share the world with her and to protect her.  I want for her to grow up healthy and to be a mom.  I want her to have a good husband and a happy life.  I want her to love the Savior and the gospel.  I want to hold her forever, and I think I can do that, at least in my heart!  I love you Sami and find extreme joy and pride and happiness in being your mom!  Thank you!


  1. Sami has grown up SO much! Those are the sweetest pictures of her. She is a really special girl. We are really privileged to know her!

  2. When you describe Sami, it reminds me of you!! She is beautiful, just like her mama!

  3. She is indeed her mother! I love you both with all my heart.