Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Night~

This has been a couple of crazy weeks for me.  I feel like time is slipping through my fingers.  Like life is moving in fast forward.   So tonight is Friday night.  Sami and Alex are asleep.  Zach is in his bedroom.  He is all tucked in bed and Chad is in there with him playing and talking.  I discouraged this cause I want Zach to sleep, but they are laughing and talking.  Earlier this week, Sami came home from school and I realized how big she is getting.  It was like it slapped me in the face.  In she walked after school;  tall, high pony tail, bright blue eyes and smiling.  She was telling me about some drama at school and thought some of the girls were being silly.  We, (Sami and I) had this adult conversation.  She is losing her baby face.  Her bone structure is more refined.  She has pretty lips and nice teeth.  Wow, when did that happen.  All the while, Alex is getting ready for his first pack meeting for cub scouts.  Seriously, stop it.  I love to see them.  They are happy and well adjusted, but good grief.  Stop growing.  Stop needing me less.  Well, it's not that they need me less, just different.  I am not sure how to be needed different. I don't know if I do different.  I still want to fix her hair each day and have to remind him to brush his teeth, but they don't need me to walk them to the school or help them in their jammies.  There is a lot of growing around here and it makes me tired.  So here I sit on this exciting Friday night and try to figure out how to be needed differently!!!  How to let them grow up and be them.  How to be older and middle aged.  How to deal with my exciting Friday night!

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