Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Busy Life~

Chad and the boys on the "Poison Spider" trail in Moab...

She adores her dad.... "Poison Spider trail" in Moab

Same trail.... He LOVES me and I LOVE him....

My little family!  So much love and humility for ALL that I have been blessed with!

This is at a park in Moab

We had some downtime in Moab...  Look how creative he is....

Sami at her Girl Scout award ceremony!  Do ya like her hair????

Kindergarten end of year program... Where does the time go??

Alex and "da boyz"! 

Whipping Cream fight last day of school with all of our friends!!!

Rockstar!!!  Last day of school!!

There is so much to say about my life and these pictures.  I feel like I could explode with feelings and emotions.  There is always so much to say!  We went to Moab, we finished Girl Scouts for the year, Alex is all done with Kindergarten, we had whipping cream fights.  We laughed and cried, we got sunburned and tired, we had a fun family trip, we won awards, we made messes, we relaxed, we experienced, we changed and we grew!  But most of all we are alive.... Living, breathing, and loving life! 


  1. That's life for ya! Crazy whirlwind of activity with a little down time here and there, right? Cutest family. Love you guys!

  2. Is it crazy that another year has gone by? It is so much fun to see your family and all the wonderful events that go on in your daily life.

  3. Love love love! Rachie you are such an awesome mom!

  4. Hi Rachie...I've been looking at the last few blog posts and can't help but smile :) You are so cute and I love the things you say on here and your adorable pictures. Thank you for sharing! I sure love ya!!!