Friday, March 25, 2011

Small Things

Alex lost his front tooth after being head butted by Zach the other night.
What is it about the little small things that make life worth living.  Alex lost his tooth the other night after Zach head butted him at Costco.  He then said to me about 17 times, "I can't believe I lost my tooth."  When I rolled over in bed Saturday morning about 6:12 am... Alex was standing there with a dollar bill and a smile so big I thought his face might crack.....  Was it really just because the tooth fairy came?   He is so intense and smart.  He is so creative and happy.  He is so passionate and sweet, that there are times when I think my heart might actually burst because I love him so much.
The other day I picked Sami up from school and she came running and yelling to the car.. "I won, I actually won."  She entered a writing contest at school and won 2nd place.  It was a poem called "A World Without Books." She was so so proud of herself, and there I was simply amazed at the way she radiated as she told me all about the contest and that she won $10.  Again, something so small and yet it brought so much happiness.
On Tuesday, the I had the opportunity to do a session at the Salt Lake Temple with my mom.  It is such a privilege to live so close to the temple.  It was such a privilege to go with my mom.  It was a great day.  As we were sitting there in the temple, I noticed the lady beside me silently weeping.  It would have been such a small simple thing for me to put me hand on her knee to offer he comfort or to simply put my arm around her.  I wanted too, I actually ached to do it, and yet I didn't.  I am not sure if it was because of our setting or just that I didn't want to intrude on her and her deep silent pleading.  Yet, I now regret not offering her some sort of comfort. 
It is very interesting to see how the small and simple things effect our lives on a daily basis, whether good or bad.  It is the small things that count!!!

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