Wednesday, February 13, 2013

~It needs to be said~

So, I haven't posted for a long time.  I am a tech  tard and am struggling with trying to get my blog into a book form.  So I have just kind of abandoned it lately.  But tonight I have all these feelings and thoughts and I want to share. 
Chad is out of town on a ski trip with his dad and brothers.  My kids are in bed and it is quiet, which never happens.   Tomorrow is Valentines day.  I love all holidays and Valentines day is great.  I have been thinking a lot about love.  What is it to love?  There are all kinds of love. There is the love of friends.  Friends that "get" you and would do anything for you.  The love of family.  Siblings and parents make a person who they are.  That is a powerful bond and a love that never ever goes away. The romantic kind where someone takes your breath away.  That is such  a fun exciting love.  There is the  "I have been married for 12 years" love.  The kind that is so deep and real and earned through hard work and actually putting someone before yourself all the time. The kind where you feel at home as long as he is with you.  The kind where you have been together so long that he can order for you on a menu and get it exactly right.  There is the unexplainable feeling for your children.  Which, if you ask me, is a feeling stronger and more powerful than love.  The kind that changes a person completely and is completely unselfish.  The kind that is so overwhelming you would die for it.  There are all kinds of love.  I have been reading a book about Jesus Christ.  As, I have been thinking about love I keep thinking of Him.  I think of how he came to this lonely cold world as half mortal - half God.  I think of Him  growing up as a boy.  He was so valiant and in tune, that line upon line and precept upon precept He realized who He was, the actual "Son of  God."  I realize that in the Garden of Gethsemane, He was actually left all alone so that He would know exactly how we felt as mortals.  All alone, that his Father in Heaven had to leave Him so that the sacrifice would be real and complete.  I have realized as He was mocked and beaten and spit upon and then crucified, that He had power to stop it all.  Did He?  No!  I realized that in the pre-existence we all had free agency.   I realized that God had a plan.  I realized that Jesus understood what would happen once the fall took place.  I realize that none of us were strong enough.  Except for one!  He said, " I will go. Send me!"  Why did He do this.  Because He LOVED his Heavenly Father and because He LOVED us.  It was His choice.  He chose us, his brothers and sisters.  He saved us because he loves us.  So when you think of love, think of our older brother who lived and died for us!!!!  Happy Valentines day!!

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